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I grew up during World War II, a non-German in a Nazi-annexed section of Lithuania, which overnight had become Germany.  From 1939 until the end of the War in May 1945, I experienced hunger, hatred, fear, and ostracism.  As the Soviet front approached, we had to escape and leave our life behind.  My mother, my little brother, and I (my father had already been taken to the front by force) fled while having our fishing boat, and later our train, bombed along with the tracks.  We witnessed first-hand the destruction of the cities in Austria and then in Germany where we had landed.

When the recent war in Ukraine began to appear on TV, my long-dormant, previously unknown PTSD surfaced. The sight of fleeing mothers and children on train station platforms, and bombed buildings burning and crumbling sent what felt like an electric current through my body I and dissolved into uncontrollable tears.  I had never sought professional help because I did not realize I had PTSD, but when I did decide to get counseling, I experienced only minor relief.

From my previous experience with acupuncture, I knew it can benefit mental health as well as physical, so I signed up for sessions with Chris. To my amazement, after only two treatments, my response to the horrifying images of war on TV was completely normalized and I was able to observe without the emotional reaction.  It was like magic.

-Ina Bray

By Published On: June 24th, 2022Categories: Success Stories0 Comments

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