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Acupuncturists look at your tongue and check your pulse in multiple positions on your wrist. 

Various health conditions can be detected using these ancient techniques and often, the pulse changes with the insertion of one well-placed needle. 

Look at your tongue in the mirror each day and notice how it can change shape, color and texture depending on your health and diet!

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Facing Addiction. Denise’s Story

I met Chris at the Middle Way Acupuncture Institute in Mount Vernon, where I went for regular treatments at the student clinic. I had become familiar with acupuncture a couple of years prior and learned

Welcome to Complete Acupuncture

Welcome to Complete Acupuncture! This website is a place where you can quickly book an appointment or stay awhile and learn about Chinese medicine and how you can use it in your daily life.

East Asian Medicine and the Bloated Belly

If you were a fly on the wall in my clinic while I interviewed patients, you might think there is a bloating epidemic in America!  During the intake process I ask patients if they experience discomfort after eating, and more times than not I receive the answer, “Yes, I get bloated.” 


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