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Acupuncture is an excellent treatment for many of the conditions seniors experience, and its popularity is growing exponentially, especially here in the Northwest!

Plus, offering in-house, prescription-free care is an excellent way to bring value to your existing residents and distinguish your community to prospective move-in’s.

How does it work?

Complete Acupuncture works best when we have a solid collaboration with community staff and leadership. Here’s what we need to work successfully together:

  • A private treatment area for the day(s) we are there each week.
  • Top-down leadership support of our partnership.
  • 1-3 staff members who can help residents sign up (online) for their appointments and assist them to the treatment area if needed. We will train!
  • Supportive in-house marketing of our service. We will provide flyers that can be posted in common areas.
  • A set info-session on the activity calendar at the start of our partnership where we invite residents to meet us and ask questions.

Ready to take the next step?

Email us at or complete the form at right to set up an initial meeting, during which we’ll get to know your community and determine if we’re a great match.

We look forward to meeting you!

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Did You Know?

Acupuncture is most powerful when given in a series of treatments, much like physical therapy or antibiotics. While some people experience amazing results in one treatment, lasting results are best achieved over the full course. Newer, acute conditions often require 1-3 treatments/week for 2-4 weeks, and longstanding conditions often require 1-3 treatments/week for 4-8 weeks.


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