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I began my healthcare career in 2005 in the long-term care industry after obtaining a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Utah. I worked in Nursing Home Administration and Business Development, overseeing single and multi-site operations all over Washington. I have always loved seniors and I made it my goal to create environments where they could thrive.

During that time, I had a growing desire to provide hands-on care myself and I began exploring direct care careers. A Chiropractor asked if I had considered acupuncture, and I recalled my grandmother telling me years ago that her regular acupuncture treatments helped relieve her arthritis pain. Something clicked for me.

Fast-forward several years and I am the proud recipient of Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine, earned from Middle Way Acupuncture Institute, and the Pacific College of Health and Science, respectively. I am also a nationally-certified practitioner with the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM), which reflects the completion of a wide array of studies, including Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Channel Theory to Pharmacology and Gerontology.

Over the course of hundreds of patient treatment hours, I have honed a gentle, targeted approach, which puts patients at ease and gets results! Whether I’m using acupuncture, cupping, Chinese medical massage (Tui Na), electroacupuncture, moxibustion or another tool in my toolbox during treatments, I love witnessing the post-treatment ‘feel-goods’ my patients enjoy, along with the powerful results this medicine offers between treatments.

It is my sincere wish to be of service to you in alleviating physical, mental and/or emotional pain using the time-tested tools of Chinese Medicine.

As a transplant to the Northwest, I love pine trees and chilly weather! I am happiest at home with my two favorite people, my husband Patrick and my Chi-weenie, Henry. I enjoy golf, playing the piano and receiving massage and acupuncture treatments myself.

Hablo español y doy la bienvenida a todos los hispanohablantes. Espero conocerte.

Chris Bosworth-Ursino, D.Ac.

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About Complete Acupuncture

Complete Acupuncture was created to be an accessible and convenient healing stop for all types of patients, from first-time acupuncture recipients to those raised on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

From those seeking post-surgery support to those who are struggling to break patterns of addiction and everyone in between, Complete Acupuncture is here to aid you in becoming your healthiest and happiest!

After over 15 years working in senior care leadership, I felt a strong call to not only set up a private clinic, but to also create a service which brings this medicine right into senior living settings here in the Northwest and beyond.

Many seniors are seeking prescription-free relief from physical and mental/emotional pain and I have witnessed first-hand how this medicine can help people thrive at any age!

When I first heard my grandmother tell me how she and her friends would carpool to their acupuncture appointment for arthritis pain treatments, I was a little bit skeptical about the results she was reporting! It turns out that the benefits of acupuncture have been widely verified and its popularity in the United States is growing exponentially. I have since experienced the calming, pain-relieving benefits of acupuncture and TCM and I can’t wait to share that with you!

Whether we see you at our Sky Valley Chiropractic location or in the retirement setting where you live, expect to be listened to, cared for and pampered in the way that sets you up to be a happier, healthier you!


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Did You Know?

Licensed Acupuncturists undergo extensive training. We attend a rigorous 3-4 year graduate training program, which includes over 2,000 hours of clinical internships and continuing education hours! 

Our training includes a strong foundation in Western medicine, ethics, and safety.

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